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Music Class Helped Me Overcome Bullies

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The world is full of violence, death and murders, but the one thing that can unite the world is music. If music is this important, why are schools cutting it out of their curriculum? Many students and parents believe that schools think those classes are not important. But schools believe that music education IS important.

Look, I get it. My school has music classes, and they really amazing. But many schools don't have them because they just don't have the budget. But there are organizations, like the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, which help schools who don't have music programs obtain new instruments and start music classes. Programs like this really help schools in need of music classes get them.

For me, when I was 7 or 8 years old, music class was my favorite thing. I was bullied and teased a lot for being different, but when we had music, it was almost as if nobody was teased. I was a very shy and quiet person, which all of my friends knew. Even to this day, I'm still a little shy and quiet, but when I'm alone and singing, or even just listening to music, a different side of me comes out.

But on the flip side, before music came into my life, I was so shy. I would not want to make friends or even eat with anyone at lunch. I would just want to be left alone. When I was in fourth and fifth grade most of my "friends" were starting to making fun of me because I wasn't like most of them. I was into different things than them, and I would also be into different styles of music. I was teased during the second half of my fifth grade by three of my female classmates. They just ruined my life, called me names and teased me because of what I would wear every day to school.

If it wasn't for music, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. The person I am today is grateful, funny, smart, awesome, full of energy, loves to dance, enjoys life and doesn't take it for anything else in the world.
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