Justin Bieber's New Album Leaked? Fans Pull the Best Prank Ever

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We're pretty sure Justin Bieber woke up this morning almost sh**tting his pants. When everyone signed onto Twitter this A.M., there were hashtags trending that his new music had leaked!

While that would be a blessing for all of us Beliebers, that's obviously his biggest nightmare right now...other than getting arrested again, of course. Fortunately for him, it's April Fools' Day and his fans pulled a fast one on him.

They weren't the only ones to try and trick Bieber. His manager Scooter Braun played along, too...well, sort of.

The hashtag #justinyouralbumleaked was trending both worldwide and in the United States on Twitter on Wednesday morning, just beneath similar joke-filled tags about April Fools' Day and the arrest of One Direction's Harry Styles.

With Twitter accounts that imitate Bieber and Scooter, Beliebers kept pushing the joke that his third official studio album was called "Soon". They also said it included song titles like "Shots" and duets with Ariana Grande and Drake Bell. What the...?!

Of course, there's no leaked Bieber album. He's currently trying to revamp his image, and is working on the album with Kanye West. It was still a cute joke, though. We're sure Justin got a good laugh...and scare!
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