KUWTK Sneak Peek: Khloe Begs Rob to "Just Accept the F**king Help"

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This Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is clearly going to be a very emotional one, with a lot of the focus being on the family trying to rally around Rob Kardashian and help him however they can.

On previous sneak peeks, we've seen Kris Jenner talking to various family members about bringing someone in to help Rob and we even saw the emotional conversation she had with one of the professionals she was considering enlisting the help of.

Kris' conversation with Khloe Kardashian was the one that met with the most resistance, because Khloe thought there were other ways they could try to help Rob before they did something so drastic.

In this clip, however, it looks like Khloe has changed her mind as we see her on the phone with Rob begging him to accept the help that is being offered to him. She pleads with him, telling him it's the best help anyone could ever hope for, adding that he's left every facility they've taken him to and she doesn't know what to do anymore.

"Do you think it's fair to do this to me, though? Like I've been through this how many times?! Do you think it's fair I did this for years and now you're gonna do this to me too again?" she says, as she begins to break down.

"Like I can't do this anymore to people," she explains. "It's not fair that you guys do this to me all the time, it's not fair - just accept the f**king help."

To find out if Rob accepts the offer or not, tune in to KUWTK this Sunday at 9 pm on E!.
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