Maddie Ziegler's Face Dancing in Sia's "Big Girls Cry" Video Is Super Intense

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Sia may receive some flack for strategically concealing her face during performances, but as long as she continues to incorporate the uniquely expressive choreography from 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, we're totally in. Blowing our minds this week: Maddie's extreme facial expressions in "Big Girls Cry" mesmerize us and make up for any eye contact we're missing from Sia.

Set against a black backdrop and donning her signature blonde wig, the 12-year-old Dance Moms star beautifully executes a series of jolting moves that show her in various states of extreme emotion. At times, it feels as if she's communicating through a special version of sign language that only she can decode.

In one scene, Maddie fluidly moves from tugging at her mouth to panting in mock exhaustion (possible translation: she's expelling something unpleasant from her system?). In another, she shoves her entire fist into her mouth and even bites her own hand before appearing to issue an apology. By the end of the "Big Girls Cry" video, Maddie sits wide-eyed as if she's unearthed some newly discovered perspective. And we're totally wide-eyed too.

These interpretations are obviously up for debate (tell us yours in the Comments), but there's absolutely no doubt about Maddie's ability to bring the intensity level of Sia's video to its peak.


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