Are Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Broken Up or Back Together?

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have had a rocky relationship past - to say the least. We saw a lot of their arguments on Teen Mom 2 and Jenelle herself admitted that they had been arguing a lot, but things seemed to be looking up after they had their son Kaiser in June.

Unfortunately, that was short-lived as Nathan was recently arrested for domestic violence.

We have seen them break up and make up in the past, though, and now that there is a child involved, they have to have some communication between them, so did they end up getting back together after all of that?

Doesn't look like it. Jenelle and Nathan both changed their Facebook relationship statuses to "Single" and Jenelle is no longer following Nathan on Twitter.

The reality star has also been posting some cryptic tweets that suggest that she's moving on, like this one: Nathan also posted this a few days ago, where he let his hashtag do the talking: So, it was looking like they were definitely dunzo.

Now, are you ready for the curveball? Jenelle just posted this waist training picture on Monday and...wait, what's that on her left hand?!

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Whether they are officially back together or not, we have to say, Jenelle appears happier and healthier these days than we've ever seen her look.

After looking at all of the social media evidence, do you guys think they're broken up or back together? Sound off in the comments below.
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