Burger King Paying for Burger-King Couple's Entire Wedding

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Apparently, when Burger and King unite, there's a high possibility it will be a Whopper of a wedding.

That's been the running joke of the day after news hit the web that a bride-to-be with the last name King and a groom with the last name Burger are tying the knot in July. None seemed to be more fascinated by this than Burger King itself, which sent out a tweet to find Ashley King and Joel Burger when they caught wind of the story.

"Mr. Burger and Ms. King? Is this real life? Please help us find this amazing couple. #BurgerKingWedding," the company tweeted out, attaching a news story from the State Journal Register that detailed the couple's upcoming nuptials. In the Register's story, Joel and Ashley revealed they've been embracing the irony of their last names for years, even posing next to a Burger King logo outside of a restaurant for their engagement photos. "We have yet to escape the teasing," Ashley told the paper, adding that they've been getting called "Burger King" since they were in elementary school together. "But, we have fully embraced our nickname."

The fast food company's Twitter later revealed they found the couple, after Ashley tweeted them back. "If it isn't Mrs Burger-King to be," Burger King tweeted. "Send us a DM, we have something special for you. RT @kingerr3 @BurgerKing I'm Ms King! #BurgerKingWedding."

"When we heard about the happy couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage," a Burger King spokesperson told The State Journal-Register. "On so many levels it felt like fate; they found each other and their story found us."

Now, their wedding will be sponsored entirely by Burger King, with the company telling the couple Monday they will not only pay for their wedding, but they'll also provide personalized gift bags, mason jars and Burger King crowns for their guests as well.

Fingers crossed that comes with some chicken fries.

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