Did Kylie Jenner Get Her Nipples Pierced?

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Kylie Jenner's snapchat has all kinds of interesting things happening on it. From videos of her sticking her hand down sister Kendall Jenner's shorts to...this.

After sharing a photo of her new ear piercings with the caption "new jewelry," Kylie shared a photo of herself with red circles around her breasts and the caption "new jewelry in the other secret areas."


This isn's the first time there has been talk about Kylie getting her nipples pierced. Back in January, one of Kylie's friends posted a braless pic of her, which he has since deleted, that had a lot of people wondering if she was already sporting pierced nipples.

We're not including it here for obvious reasons, but a quick five-second Twitter search will reveal the photo if you're interested in seeing it.

So, while the speculation has been out there for months, this is the first time Kylie herself has implied that it might be true - or do you think she's just messin' with us? If she is, it obviously worked.
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