Can You Figure Out What Iggy Azalea Is Saying in This Rap Video?

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What the wee-naa-nah-weeee-nah-wenah-nah?!

Iggy Azalea's rap game is so strong, we can't figure out what the hell she's saying in this video. In fact, by the time our brains caught up, she was already at the 'wee-nah' bit, which, from what we can gather is...the end.

But seriously can anybody figure out what she's actually saying? We're kinda curious and maybe we could all sing along if we could just score a lyrical translation.

This isn't the first time Iggy's rap skills have superseded our brains' ability to interpret. A similar clip popped up on Vine last month and the words are just as elusive as this new clip.

We have to say, while we can't understand a word of it (literally, not A WORD) we somehow can't stop watching. We're not even trying to figure it out anymore, it's just amazing and quite frankly, we don't really care what she's saying.

We'll just pretend we know the words and sing it like we know EXACTLY what's up - because really, who besides Iggy-Ig could argue with us?
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