Powerful New Dove Campaign Challenges Us to Rethink the Way We Define Ourselves

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We know the unreasonable standard that the media and society have set for beauty. But, what happens when we are given the option to define it completely for ourselves? What do we consider beautiful?

This moving new Dove campaign gives that power back. If given the choice, would YOU define yourself as 'Beautiful' or 'Average'? Shockingly, the women featured in this experiment CHOSE to walk through the 'Average' door.

"It was a bit confronting, actually, to be honest," one woman confessed. "To see these big signs and feeling like you had to choose and be self-conscious of how you perceive yourself and perhaps, if it lines up with how the rest of the world perceives you."

One woman confesses to her friend that she went through the 'Average' door without hesitating. "Beautiful to me, it's too far away out of reach," says another, who also went through the 'Average' door.

Another woman wonders if she chose 'Average' because of what she's being told or if she truly believes that about herself.

At the end of the video, we see the change that happens when women go through the 'Beautiful' door and seeing their smiling faces and triumphant expressions as they choose beautiful will make you feel all the feels.

As one woman so perfectly put it, "The beautiful door is completely open to me," and it's completely open to ALL of us, if we just #ChooseBeautiful.
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