Someone Is Putting 'No Kardashian Parking' Signs Up Around Los Angeles

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Parking signs in Los Angeles are crazy confusing. It's basically like figuring out an impossible logic puzzle where the dates and times seem to overlap in some strange parallel universe and even when you think you have it all figured out, you get back to your car and have a $58 ticket stuck under your windshield wiper.

These Los Angeles parking signs, however, are very straight-forward. No special day or time slots, just 'No Kardashian Parking' ...ever.

A photo posted by Plastic Jesus (@plasticjesus) on

Of course, they aren't legally enforceable, but this person put them up, anyway, hoping to send a message.

"I suppose it's a protest at the obsession with the Kardashians and every kind of move they make," the artist, who goes by the name 'Plastic Jesus' told LA Weekly. "Their lunch outings and shopping trips are media events in themselves. What can be fascinating about someone pumping gas?"

The signs have popped up in various places around Los Angeles, but in a bold move, they even put one in front of the Dash boutique on Melrose.

The Kardashians are currently in Armenia, so they won't be parking anywhere in LA for the time being, but we can't help but wonder, what about Kendall and Kylie Jenner? Can they park there?

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