Is Ashley Benson Pregnant With Tyler Blackburn's Baby?

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First trimester ✔️ @tylerjblackburn

A photo posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn basically blew up the internet (for Pretty Little Liars fans, at least) when they shared this buzzworthy snap on Instagram.

"First trimester ✔ @tylerjblackburn," Ashley captioned the shot Thursday, which showed Tyler kissing her bare stomach as she laid down on a couch. Not surprisingly, fans started freaking on social media asking if she is really pregnant in real life, if her character Hanna Marin is pregnant on Pretty Little Liars, or just losing it in general.

"WHAT IS GOING ON," one fan tweeted in response, while another wrote "omg omg omg." Several people tweeted in all caps when they saw the snap, like this fan who wrote, "IS ASHLEY BENSON REALLY PREGNANT OR IS THIS FOR PRETTY LITTLE LIARS OR WHAT BECAUSE OMG."
It soon became clear that Ashley and Tyler were kidding when Tyler also got in on the fun, showing Ashley kissing his belly in another photo with the caption, "Second trimester ✔."

Then, to take things a step further, Ashley posted another shot of herself in a Pretty Little Liars robe with a big pregnant belly underneath. PLL director Norman Buckley sat beside her palming her faux bump with a proud smile. "Third trimester ✔ @norbuck," she captioned the photo.

"Who would have thought? And at my age!," Norman went on to caption the shot on his own page. Ashley, Tyler and Norman still haven't said 'just kidding' just yet, so there are still a few fans theorizing that Hanna will pop up pregnant on PLL.
Still...we want to know? Did they trick you? Do you think this was a hint for what's to come on the show? Tell us in the comments!

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