Did Selena Gomez and Zedd Break Up?

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Did Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd already end their relationship? Is her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber the reason why?

Those are the questions running through minds after breakup rumors started to swirl over the weekend. While they never confirmed they were dating, we all assumed they were, but now that doesn't seem to be the case. According to Star magazine, Zelena is done-zo.

What happened? Well, they're reporting that Zedd broke up with Selena because of her "high-maintenance attitude and needy nature." Ouch!

"She'd call him all the time and get upset if he didn't drop everything and answer. Zedd is tired of dealing with the drama," their source said.

"Zedd was supposed to go out to Georgia last week to visit her, but he had to cancel because of a gig. Selena flipped out, and they had a huge fight. He's been avoiding her calls ever since."

Uh oh...that's never a good sign. Is Selena one of those crazy girlfriends? Eh, it happens. We kind of thought their relationship might've been a little put on anyway, you know, to sell their single "I Want You To Know"...

But honestly, what we really want to know is, does this mean Selena is going to run back to the Biebs now? We bet you she will, but really hope she doesn't. Let's face it, Sel and Justin are the king and queen of breaking up and getting back together.

Are you surprised Selena and Zedd split? Should she reunite with Bieber?

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