Prayers Answered? Taco Bell Looking Into Delivery Service

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Soon, you may not have to leave home to run for the border.

Taco Bell is considering testing out a delivery service some time this year, which would bring the fast food restaurant's nachos supreme, gorditas and tacos straight to your door. "We are positioning ourselves for clock-less eating," CEO Brian Niccol said, according to USA Today. "Technology is changing the way people interact with restaurants and retail."

They're appealing to Millennials, he said, "who want access to anything they want, when they want." Although the CEO didn't elaborate on when or where they'll try out the delivery service first if the plan goes through, he did say the push for delivery from customers has been ongoing, adding that "Delivery is the No. 1 Taco Bell topic on Twitter on the weekends."
Rachael likesThat's not the only thing the company has in the works. They also want to launch a new loyalty program and reward repeat customers, are testing out a catering program and an online ordering program too, according to Daily Finance.

Before Taco Bell's announcement, Starbucks also announced last month that it would test out a delivery service in New York and Seattle. Although Taco Bell is still working out the logistics of its own delivery service, we're crossing our fingers that they launch it, and also that the idea catches on.

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