Kendall Jenner Busts a Move at Coachella

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Move over, Taylor Swift! Kendall Jenner just moved and grooved (and whatever else she was doing) her way into our hearts as our new favorite awkward dancer.

The reality star was jammin' to one of the beats at Coachella and it's...well, just watch the video.

In Kendall's defense, she's pretty much by herself in the VIP area and her dancing is much more prominently on display than it would have been if she was just blending in with the crowd, which unfortunately, if you've seen the mass pandemonium the famous fam causes when they go out in public, you know is not an option for them.

Picture that dance being done without about 20 people around her, though, and all of them doing the same thing. It doesn't seem as awkward anymore, does it?

We've all had times where our moves weren't exactly as smooth as we would have liked them to be, we're just lucky it wasn't filmed and put on the internet for millions of people to see.
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