Kim Kardashian Shares Her Advice for Other Female Entrepreneurs

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Kim Kardashian's career is in full force. Aside from the obvious, starring on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 34-year-old helps manage the family's DASH boutiques, she's launched two clothing lines with her sisters as well as a line of beauty product and has a super successful game app.

In a new interview with Elle magazine, Kim opened up about her life as a wife, a mother and a successful entrepreneur. You can read the full interview here (there is a ton of good stuff in there!), but here are some highlights.

The best business advice she ever got came from Kris Jenner:

"The best piece of business advice probably came from my mother, and she always just tells me to, you know, commit to it 100%. And to stay focused, and don't be lazy. I was never taught to really be lazy. If you're going to take on a project, do it 100%. Don't half-ass anything."

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Did she ever feel that the cards were stacked against her as a woman in business?

"I mean yes, I don't remember a particular instance, but I think that-you know, it's definitely changing, but even just being someone that's on reality TV, I think that's looked upon in a certain way and then, you know, it's obviously helped my business. I love what I do, but I think if you do certain things, it could hurt in business. I don't think that necessarily me being a woman has hurt my business."

Advice for other female entrepreneurs:

"Nothing comes easy. I know that people joke all the time and try to figure out, you know, what it is that I do, but I work really hard. I get up every day at 5 a.m. and start my day. I think as long as you work really hard and figure out what you want to do and stay motivated and have a plan and stay committed-just don't be lazy. That's my best advice. It's the most simple advice, but it really worked for me. I think that for some reason, I see people that think things will come easy and it doesn't really come easy."
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