Britney Spears Had the Best Seat Ever at Her Son's Soccer Game

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Britney Spears is not your typical soccer mom.

While most moms can just show up to watch their kids participate in sports, the pop star obviously has some special considerations - like the fact that she brings a bodyguard.

And when she forgets her folding chairs? No big deal, she can just take in the game from the hood of her $150,000 Mercedes G-Wagon, which is exactly what she did over the weekend.

A casually dressed BritBrit was accompanied by her mom as they took in one of her son's soccer games from the best seat ever!

And don't worry, Britney doesn't think she's too good to sit on the grass like all of the other parents. We've seen her at tons of games where she just brings a blanket and some water and watches the game from some random spot on the grass.

Here's a pic of her and boyfriend Charlie Ebersol at a game just last month...

Given the option, we'd pick the G-Wagon!
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