What You Really DON'T Need to Bring to College Freshman Year

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I am a chronic over-packer. I'm the girl who takes two suitcases on a weekend getaway and always makes sure to have at least two kinds of lip balm for a night out. It's a problem, but it was never so much of a problem as when I lived in my freshman year dorm room. My poor roommate had to contend with my overflowing closet and stacks and stacks of bins with God knows what underneath my extra-long twin. (Thank god for bed risers, right?)

The saddest part was that a ton of the stuff in that little dorm room was barely touched come May and therefore just a huge waste of space. If you're moving into college for the first time, don't follow my example by bringing all of your belongs with you - cut down and you'll feel way less weighed down by stuff. Here's what you absolutely do not need to bring to college - because, really, where will you put it?

1. Your entire book collection.

I brought quite a few books with me freshman year, which was pretty much pointless, considering any reading time was reserved for the required texts. If you're an avid reader and know that you'll make the time, do yourself a favor and borrow books from the library that you can return once they're finished. If you're a particularly voracious reader, a Kindle or other e-reader can do wonders...and it barely takes up any room

2. Jackets for every season.

If you're planning on going home, you can swap out jackets for more weather-appropriate ones when you go home. You might not need your winter coat in August and early September, but you'll be happy to trade in your breezier numbers for a puffy coat around Thanksgiving.
3. Lots and lots of shoes.

My room was filled with shoes. Filled! Flip flops, boots, wedges, ballet flats. I "needed" all of them. Remember that college isn't a fashion show - a few pairs of cute, sturdy shoes can get you far on campus, and you really, really don't need 20 pairs of high heels for each weekend of the year. If you're in desperate need, DSW delivers.

4. Tons of knick knacks.

You'll acquire plenty of little things to decorate your room with, including photos of you and your new friends which you can tack around your dorm. No need to bring in unnecessary clutter just because you had it laying around your room at home.

5. Anything you haven't worn in the past six months.

Unless there's a specific reason why you were waiting to wear a particular item (like, say, you live in a place that's perpetually hot and never needed that beautiful peacoat) the rule of thumb here is that if you haven't worn it once in in the past two seasons, you never will. Don't waste space in your tiny dresser set when you could reserve it for a piece of clothing you'll absolutely love.

6. Anything that's not dorm-approved.

Your RA will find your pet ferret, no matter how well you hide it under your bed. Trust.


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