Catelynn Lowell Had the Best Response When Tyler Called Her Out for Her Pregnancy Weight Gain

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We LOVE Tyler Baltierra, but we have to admit we were a little annoyed last night when he called Catelynn Lowell out for her pregnancy weight gain.

As Tyler continued to point out the fact that Cate had gained 20 pounds in the first few months of her pregnancy, we started to get more and more mad and then boom! Cate handled it like a boss...which in this case is a woman who is creating a HUMAN LIFE inside of her body.

At the doctor's office, when Catelynn gets weighed and finds out she gained three pounds in a week, her response is "whatever" (go Cate!) and Tyler is clearly bothered by it. "Whatever, I'm happy...and pregnant," Cate replies.

When the conversation comes up AGAIN in the car, Catelynn shuts it down. "I'm not gonna eat salad for seven months...there's no need to get upset about it," she tells him. "I'm not gonna be the perfect skinny pregnant woman..and I'm not gonna NOT enjoy my pregnancy."
Before you get TOO mad at Tyler, remember this is Tyler we're talking about and we can't imagine he would ever do or say anything to hurt Catelynn, so he has to have a bigger reason for being SO obsessed about her weight, right? Yep, he did.

"I just want you to be healthy and happy," he says in a later scene. "I just know that last time when it got to a point where you were really bummed about it and you were just really self-conscious and it bothered you, so I just want to make sure you don't go through that again."

That was a long time ago, though, and it sounds like Catelynn is over that and she's ready to just enjoy her pregnancy without worrying about what other people think about her.
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