Fan Steals Niall Horan's Clothes, Underwear: Posts Pics on Twitter

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A One Direction fan stole Niall Horan's clothes – including his underwear – and posted pics of her haul on Instagram. How did she get her hands on his stuff and why did she post pics of herself wearing his clothes?

Ashleigh Sokie was tasked with washing Niall's clothes during his recent visit to the Masters Golf Tournament. Okayyy, but trying them on too and saying she's keeping his underwear? Not cool.

She claimed her boss let her "wash/wear Niall's clothes bc his washer broke last night at his rental house" in Augusta. Yeah, that's totally disrespectful, right? She also posted a pic of the clothes laid out, captioning it: "Nbd just washing @niallhoran's clothes because his washing machine broke at his rental house...excuse me while I pass out."

She added, "I got to fold his underwear and a few of Mark's shirts also. She owns the company that rented his house through! His washer broke and she was too busy so asked me to wash them."

On Instagram, she bragged, "I'm keeping his underwear."

Meanwhile, her mom defended her daughter's actions, telling The Sun (via Yahoo NZ): "She is 20 years old, at college and has a new job and she was so excited when she discovered she'd be looking after Niall. She's a huge One Direction fan, especially Niall. But after posting the pictures there's been a lot of negativity. The other fans have spoiled it. She says they have ruined a wonderful moment."

You know – that wonderful moment when you sneak someone else's clothes and then brag about it on Twitter?

She added, "People are calling her bad names and wishing bad things on her. She is so upset."

Call us crazy, but we think boundaries are pretty important.
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