This 24-Year-Old Earns Big Bucks Teaching People How to Be Charismatic

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Here's one more example of how to turn your passion into a living (in a #BUILTBYGIRLS way).

Felicia Spahr was working at an ad agency and living with her now fiance's parents in 2012, when she decided to make a big change. "I quit my job and leapt in," the 24-year-old told Business Insider. "I didn't have a plan."

After taking that leap of faith, Felicia started off by trying to teach people how to improve their creative writing skills. When that didn't bring in the income she hoped, she took on copywriting work. Then, she enrolled in a course in 2014 to learn how to better launch her business, and help other women get started in copywriting.

"What happened," she said, "was I found that for so many women I coached, it wasn't that they didn't understand the material. It was that personal things were holding them back. I realized I enjoyed solving these complex psychological puzzles that, to me, were easy to solve."

She also started to coach clients on leadership and charisma, adding, "I didn't realize these aren't things that are taught, and things that other people really struggle with. It started to organically unfold - it wasn't so much marketing other people as it was helping them market themselves and send their message and their best selves to world."

Eventually, her leadership coaching and copy-writing businesses got so successful that she ended up having to choose between the two. After choosing leadership coaching, Felicia started charging $2,5000 for eight weeks, or $9,000 for six months. She also offers a five-hour online course for $97 to her mailing list.

Now, Felicia works at least 30 hours a week and pulls in $8,000 to $10,000 a month. She has also written a book called, Selling for Success: The Ultimate Guide to Developing a 'Sales' Mindset, Selling in a Strategic Way, and Making The Impact You Want Your Life to Have.

As for the advice she would give to other entrepreneurs, Felicia said, "I think the most important aspect is committing to the idea that you want to do something like this, and seeking out the help you'd need in order to do it."

"In my mind, it was 'I'm going to succeed or I'm going to die,' and I think that contributed quite a bit to my success."


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