School Bans Student For "Inappropriate" Red Hair Color

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Don't look now – another ridiculous school policy is banning a student from attending because of the color of her hair. Much like the girl that was sent home for wearing this outfit (even though she was fully clothed), 17-year-old UK student Emily Reay is under fire for having red hair.

The school finds the color to be inappropriate, even though she's had red hair for three years. She can reportedly return when she dyes it a more "appropriate" hair color.

Here's the thing - she already has naturally auburn hair and when she dyes it she keeps the same shade but lightens or darkens it.

Emily told The Telegraph, "I was very angry at first, and then burst into tears. I've had the same color for the past three years, and nobody at school has commented on it. Everybody knows me as that 'young ginger singer.' For me it is a confidence thing. If I had to dye my hair brown, I would lose this."

Even though her hair has been red for years, she explained, "I was told my hair had been a bone of contention since the beginning of the school year, but they had let it slip up until now." She added, "But the laughable thing is my hair was brighter than this on prom night, and I won best hairstyle award."

Emily's mom noted that the school's policy "clearly states no unnatural hair colors, like blue or green." She questioned, "Is ginger not a natural hair color?"

Emily tried to find a compromise that didn't involve dying her hair, saying, "I offered to pin it up, or wear a beanie hat, but I was told 'no' to both."

Last month, a Missouri student was sent home from school because her hair was an unnatural color.

Do you think schools should have policies about students' hair color?

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