'Unfriended' Cast Gives Social Media and Bullying Advice: "Protect Yourself"

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If this film doesn't make you think twice about the internet, we don't know what will.

We've seen a lot of movies about how social media plays a major role in people's everyday lives, especially teenagers', but we haven't seen anything like this. In Unfriended, after photos and videos of a high school party girl's escapades surface on the internet - she takes her own life. A year later, her friends are in a chatting via Skype, and get an unexpected guest that they can't get rid of. When they try to sign off, the scary stuff you've seen in the trailer starts going down.

Sticking to the theme of the film, we got to interview Shelley Hennig, Moses Jacob Storm, Will Peltz, Jacob Wysocki and Courtney Halverson via Skype and got some really kick-ass advice.

"It gets a lot better when you're no longer in high school," Courtney told us when we asked about dealing with bullies. "Step back from it as much as you can and know it's not the entire world."

Shelley touched on another form of bullying. "Especially online bullying, you don't even know who these people are. You don't know if it's really them. Also, project yourself. Don't put everything out there on the internet."

Watch the clip above for more tips from the cast and catch Unfriended in theaters starting April 17.


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