86-Year-Old Baddie Winkle's Instagram Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

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look back at it #stateofwinkle @dimepiecela

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With beauty standards and body image issues remaining at the forefront of important conversations for women, it's always extremely refreshing to see someone who radiates confidence in the most unapologetic way. While perusing social media for the latest celeb gossip, or the latest foodie fashion and fitness tips, be sure to stop by Instagram and check out Baddie Winkle, a fiercely fabulous 86-year-old model who is undeniably one of the hippest grandmas around.

Baddie's Instagram feed is chock-full of "I woke up like this" flawlessness, and it's not limited to her daring poses, crazy captions or the signature peace sign she holds up in most of her photos. A large part of her appeal can be attributed to the fact that she wears her confidence like an impenetrable layer of awesomeness. Seriously, how can anyone not be totally in love with her?

While scrolling through Baddie's collection of poppin' pics, expect to be thoroughly amused by her captions (she even drops a Drake reference by captioning one of her photos "runnin through the six with my woes") and inspired by her "devil may care" attitude. You'll also be completely motivated by her positivity and her ability to diss and dismiss the mainstream beauty standards with the photographic equivalent of a haughty hair flip.

Check out more of Baddie Winkle's most confidence-inspiring pics below:

bye basic 💅

A photo posted by BADDIE (@baddiewinkle) on


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