Dakota Fanning Is All Grown Up and All Kinds of Awesome

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Dakota Fanning is no longer that 9-year-old girl we met in I Am Sam. In fact, she hasn't been nine years old for a LONG time, but she's OK with the fact that some people have a hard time accepting that.

"I've made my peace with the fact that there will be some people who, for the rest of my life, will believe I'm, like, 9 years old," the May Nylon cover girl told the mag. "I have this joke that I'm literally going to be 35, married, and pregnant and people are still going to say, 'Oh my god, you grew up so fast! I can't believe it!' And yeah, sometimes when you're 21 years old and people are still saying that, you just want to rip your hair out. But I'm OK with it...I know who I am."

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So, we'll accept that she's not a kid anymore, but just because she's 21 doesn't necessarily mean she's into the party scene, either.

"I might not be running around being insane, but I'm also a 21-year-old who likes to be silly," she revealed. "Just because I don't flaunt those parts of my life doesn't mean I don't do some of that privately."

Dakota is also staying private when it comes to social media. "I feel like if I did it, I'd start to measure my experiences by how good of an Instagram it's going to turn into," she explains. "And I don't want to be living my life trying to see it all in a square, trying to get a photo...You have to set the photo up, you have to take the photo, you have to edit the photo, pick the right filter, format it, caption it - like, too much! There are so many more things I could be doing!"

And she is doing a ton of other things, like studying. Dakota is currently attending New York University, where she is studying Women in Film.
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