Kendall Jenner Talks Selfies and Reveals Who She Texts the Most

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Kendall Jenner is on the May cover of GQ and inside, she gave an interview that is almost as revealing as the photos in the spread.

In this new behind-the-scenes video from her cover shoot, Kendall talks about social media and selfies, revealing that when it comes to snapping those hard-to-master photos, she's just like everybody else.

"Every girl knows for that one selfie that gets posted, there's like 100 behind it," she explains. Hmm...we don't know anything about that. Nope, but maybe some people do it?

Seriously, though, we all do it. And sometimes we forget to delete the rejects so when you hand someone your phone to look at a pic and they bust out the finger to start scrolling, you're like a ninja getting that phone back.

All right, so if we're trying to cut that 100 down to say, 90, what tips does she have? Is there anything we shouldn't be doing in a selfie?

"The worst thing you can do in a selfie," she begins. Yes, we're listening! "There's not really anything bad you can do in a selfie." Ahhhh...come on, Kenny!

There are plenty of bad things people can do in selfies - like be in the bathroom and not realize that the mirrors bounce off of each other and expose their butt, for one.

Oh well, since Kendall hasn't had any selfie fails, we'll just have to accept her answer. Also in the clip, she reveals who she texts ALL the time (and doesn't get a response from).
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