Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus Pot Smoking Pic: See Demi's Prank on Joe

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Demi Lovato is celebrating today with a laugh – and a little Photoshopping hilarity at Joe Jonas' expense, posting a pic of him smoking weed with Demi and their former fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus!

Demi has been so open about her struggles over the years and it's nice to know she can have a little laugh about her pot smoking days and all the rumors that swirled about the Disney kids back in the day.

She is, of course, getting a little payback at Joe's 2013 New York Magazine essay, where he revealed that he smoked pot for the first time with Demi and Miley. He wrote of the experience: "They kept saying, 'Try it! Try it!' so I gave it a shot, and it was all right."

Demi's response at the time of the essay was pretty chill, as she explained: "Well, first I was like, 'Umm, we need to talk,' and then we talked and I was fine. I was like, 'Look, I'm not mad at you but you need to choose your words more carefully next time.' He meant no harm and he's never had a chance to tell his side of the story, so I'm proud of him."

Demi posted the pic to celebrate 4/20, writing on Instagram: "In honor of our former escapades, I thought you'd like this to remember your first blaze.. Happy #420 @joejonas. #disneyhighclassof09."

We're on the lookout for a response from Joe and Miley. So far, Miley posted a photo of herself lighting a bong, writing: "Happy 420 #stillinjoanpasties #studio #goodstarttodabestdayofdayear"

Interestingly, she put Joe's head on an old Disney Channel pic of her, Miley and Selena Gomez - covering up Sel's face with Joe and a giant joint.

UPDATE: Joe posted Demi's creation on Instagram, writing: "Thanks @ddlovato for this gem. #420 #DisneyHighClassof09"

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