#PeriodProblems: Niall Horan Edition

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As girls, we've all had to deal with #periodproblems, like when your "monthly gift" surprises you at school and you forgot to replace that pair of emergency underwear in your locker. Or when you didn't have time to use the restroom during passing period and your teacher insists on knowing why you're bringing you backpack to the bathroom during class. (Just so you know, it doesn't get easier once you're out of school and have a job. "Why are you taking your purse to the bathroom?" BECAUSE I NEED IT.)

However, speaking from experience, your period does get less annoying as you get older. Or maybe you just get used to dealing with #periodproblems...LOL.

We would like to thank the Directioners who used Niall Horan from One Direction to help illustrate some of our most common #periodproblems in the video above.


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