See How Women's Makeup Has Changed Throughout History

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In just four minutes, this video takes us through hundreds of years of history and while we've seen similar videos for clothing, hairstyles, fitness and other things, this one covers the changes in women's makeup trends.

In addition to seeing the styles change, it's fascinating to see how they made use of whatever they had - like using charcoal as eyeliner or grease as lip gloss.

It's also interesting to see that some of the things we try to change about ourselves were actually considered beautiful and were desirable during certain periods throughout history.

For example, we all tweeze the heck out of our eyebrows and in Ancient Greece, women wanted to have unibrows so badly that they would glue animal hair onto their faces if they couldn't grow one naturally.

And while we're all trying to get our tan on today, women in the Elizabethan Era tried to make their skin look as pale as possible using powder. In the Pre-French Revolution period, they did the same thing and even painted veins on their skin to try to make themselves look even more pale.

We can only wonder what the next few hundred years of beauty will bring. What are we purposely doing with our makeup today that will be considered undesirable in the future?
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