5 Reasons Why It's Perfectly Okay to Stay Single in College

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There are a lot of things on your mind before you enter freshman year of college. Will I get along with my roommate? Will I like my major? Should I study abroad? Those are the more practical questions, but they're not the only ones you might ask. If you're going into college as a single gal, it's inevitable to ponder whether you'll find someone special at some point during your college years. If you're into relationships, the college atmosphere can be a little tricky - sure, there are plenty of people around, but there's always that social stigma that makes it a little problematic. Finding a steady guy or girl to date during your college years in a world that often glorifies hooking up can be hard, and it can be frustrating if the people you're meeting seem to want a more casual relationship than you do. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Maybe not.

Staying single in college can actually be pretty awesome. While it's certainly not something anyone needs to aspire to, there's absolutely no reason why a long stint of singledom should bum you out. College is an awesome place to be single, and here's why it's okay not to be "Facebook official" during your four years away.

1) You can open yourself up to new experiences.

A good relationship won't hinder you from doing the things you love, but it's a lot harder to say yes to things like studying abroad or spending the summer volunteering if you're worried about how your partner might feel about the distance.

2) You can spend a ton of time building new friendships.

Freshman year of college is prime friend-making time, but since you're always taking new classes and changing up your living environment, there will always be new people to meet. Sure, a boyfriend shouldn't keep you from making any new friends (and if he does, please dump him ASAP) but you simply have more time to cultivate new relationships as a single person.

3) You can be spontaneous.

Yes, you can go away to your friend's lake house this weekend, and no, you don't have to let anyone else know. It's awesome.

4) You can learn from your friend's mistakes.

Was your friend's last relationship super controlling or your roommate's casual fling a total player? It's nice to pick up on the warnings signs without having to live the situation yourself, which can make your own life better when you do seek someone to date.

5) You can focus on the things that make you (and only you) happy.

When you're in a relationship your downtime can be monopolized by the person you're dating. That's great in its own way, but there's no reason to be bummed about not having that if you're single. Always wanted to take a tap dance class? Learn how to knit? Get an obscene amount of facials? Go ahead and do it. Everyone should take the time to date themselves regardless of relationship status, but being sans-BF is a nice reminder that you deserve to be treated like a princess by everyone - including yourself.

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