Wilmer Valderrama Explains Why He Doesn't Have Any Tattoos

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We'll always remember Wilmer Valderrama as Fez from That '70s Show, but in the 35-year-old actor's latest movie he is nothing like we expected. In The Girl Is in Trouble, Wilmer gets serious when his character Angel can't find his younger drug dealer brother. As Angel starts to search for him, the truth slowly emerges.

C: We've been big fans since we started watching you on That '70s Show. We loved your character Fez, but wanted to know: What do you look for in characters and roles?
WV: "I gravitate towards characters that are far-removed from who I am. I tend to not gravitate towards things that seem easy, or traditional. I try to play against stereotypes when it comes to characters. I like making choices that are different. Choices that makes my work a lot more interesting. Most of the time, these types of characters are the ones that excite me."

C: You played a pretty legit gangster in this movie. How did you prepare for the role of Angel?
WV: "You know, its hard to say how you prepare for a character as strong and as complex as Angel. I think that the one thing that I tried to do is put myself in the shoes of what my character went through first. The story is he is looking for his missing brother who eventually turns out to be dead and so you dive into how that would make you feel. Then you add another layer to it. How would that character actually execute? And how would that person eventually avenge their brother? And then eventually you start seeing those colors come to life."

C: You said on Instagram that Angel is one of your favorite characters you've ever played. Why is that?
WV: "The complexity of the character, here is a guy who stereotypically would be looked at as the bad guy in the movie and in this movie he's doing something very human and very organic. To me all those dilemmas made it very interesting for me to play on screen."
C: Angel had a bunch of tattoos, do you have any? If no, did you ever come close to getting one?
WV: "I've been thinking for a couple of years now, if I were to get a tattoo, what would that be? You can go the traditional route. You go, "Okay, maybe my parents initials or my family's last name," but I don't want to have to come to work an hour early just to cover my tattoos because they don't fit the character I'm playing at the time. Right now I'm going to stay without a tattoo."

Fair enough. We know Wilmer isn't against tattoos since his girlfriend Demi Lovato has a growing collection.

The Girl is in Trouble is now out in theaters and VOD.


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