Fitness Instructor Photoshops Herself to Send a Message About Body Shaming

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Cassey Ho is a fitness instructor who posts fun, informative videos on YouTube like "5 Minute Flat Abs" and "4 Super Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas." Her bubbly personality makes her videos very captivating and easy to watch and a lot of people HAVE been watching them.

Unfortunately, as we all know, when someone has a lot of fans, the haters come out to play and Cassey is all too familiar with that.

In this powerful video, she is surrounded by some of the hateful comments she's received as she digitally alters her body in real time to give herself "The Perfect Body," which is the title of the video.

In the video description, which is arguably as moving and important as the video itself, Cassey asks people if they're happy with what they see when they look in the mirror.

"It's hard to be content with the shape of your body when people are constantly telling you how fat you are," she explains. "The backhanded compliments, the mean comments, the cyber bullying - all of this messes with us...and it hurts. What if getting flat abs and bigger boobs was as easy as a click. What if you could stop all the hate and just photoshop yourself right now, in real life? What would you change?"

We love that she combined the effects of society's ideal beauty standards AND cyberbullying to create this 2-minute masterpiece.
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