Blake Lively Reveals Why She Named Her Daughter James

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Still curious as to why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James?

Now that we know her name, the new mom is no longer keeping mum on why they chose it for their baby girl. "It's a family name and I liked having a boy's name," the Age of Adaline star said on 'Good Morning America' this week, according to Refinery 29.

After staying quiet for months about their little one, Blake has been very candid about life with their daughter during her press tour for Age of Adaline this month. Aside from joking about rubbing truffles on her nipples for a foodie type of breastfeeding, she also quipped Tuesday about being "already paranoid" about James growing up quickly.

"We turned our basement into this cool, accessible room," the 27-year-old actress told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. "I said to Ryan, 'You know, we need to put in a window.' And he said, 'A window going down into the basement? That doesn't make any sense.' I said, 'It's a chastity window. You knew. You were a teenage boy."

"We cannot have our child-a daughter-go in the basement with a boyfriend," she jokingly continued. "We need a window so that they know at all times that we are watching and they can't get away with doing anything terrible. It's the new form of contraception. We're already planning for that, and terrified!"

James isn't too grown up just yet, though. She still hasn't said her first word, which Blake and Ryan are kinda in a competition about when it comes to what they want her to say first.

"We're total rivals, by the way," the Gossip Girl alum said about Ryan. "I hear him like 'da-da, da-da' all the time and then I walk in the room and he's like, 'ma-ma.' And I'm like, 'How dare you do that?' But all day! The word 'da-da' is banned in our house. You have to say ma-ma all day. And I'm like, 'How can you do that?' I'll take videos where I'm saying 'da-da,' but I don't say it ever."

"She has to say mama first!" she continued with a smile. "I do everything! He does nothing!"

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