This Might Be the Most Honest Wedding RSVP Card Ever

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This couple totally gets it.

Sometimes, when we get wedding invitations, we're super excited about them, but those are usually from our close friends and we know they're coming and we've made plans to be at the wedding before the invite even arrives, so the RSVP card is just a formality.

Other times, we get wedding invites from random people and we open the mail and have that "oh s**t" moment when we need to try to come up with an excuse that will be valid four months in the future (we just plan our doctor appointments really far ahead, OK?).

In this case, none of that is necessary because the RSVP card itself has every possible real reason why you wouldn't want to go to a wedding. Seriously, these two have got you covered.

Only like one of them? Check the box and let 'em know! Only want to go hoping you'll meet your future husband/wife? There's a box for that, too!

Literally, we can't think of anything they missed - except putting us on their invite list!
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