Watch As This Guy Tries to Save His Drone From Drowning

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Drones might just look like fun little flying UFO-type toys, but they're actually VERY expensive toys - or when they're in the wrong hands, they're very expensive things people are using to invade other people's privacy.

Ryan Chatfield was not doing that, though. He was just enjoying his drone and getting some epic footage of the Australian coastline in the process when suddenly, the battery started to die (drone batteries generally only last about 20 minutes).

This particular drone had a cool feature that when the battery starts to die, it begins a slow descent back down to the ground - which in this case was THE OCEAN. Drones do a lot of cool things, but one thing they don't do is swim - and that would have been a $2000 dip if the drone would have touched down before he got to it.

"Classic catch to save my drone from certain death," he captioned the video, which has already been viewed over a million times since being uploaded just two days ago.

We're not sure what we like better, the breathtaking footage he got in the seconds before the drone had its near-death experience or the rescue itself. They're both pretty good - and the song he picked is the icing on the cake!
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