Demi Lovato Tried to Imitate Kylie Jenner's Lippy Look: "I Look Ridiculous!"

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Did Demi Lovato take the #KylieJennerChallenge? Not exactly...but she has tried to imitate the 17-year-old reality star's plump pout.

During a radio interview with Shazam this week, Demi was asked if she had tried the challenge and while she hasn't done it the (dangerous) way so many other people have, she HAS tried to draw on larger lips to look like the reality star.

"Oh my God, I totally have," she admitted. "I look stupid." Aw! We can't imagine that...but since Demi's lips are pretty much perfect, we understand why she wouldn't like them looking any different.

Still, she says that she like the way it looks on Kylie. "She looks great...I don't know how she can do it, but I draw lips on and I'm like 'what?' I look ridiculous."

We know the feeling! Most of us have tried to achieve the look with lip liner, which Kylie has already admitted is her secret, but we end up looking more like a clown and less like Kylie.
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