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Talking to Yourself Is Not Weird

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There, I said it. You are not weird. You are smart, clever and just "in tune" enough with yourself to know that sometimes, sometimes you just need a cheerleader in your corner. And sometimes, that cheerleader has gotta be you.

No, you're not odd for leaving notes with inspirational quotes or Polaroids of poignant fortune cookies on your bathroom mirror or stuck to your dashboard. You just know that sometimes it takes a little extra oomf in the mornings from good Ol' Eleanor Roosevelt or Maya Angelou to make that Monday seem not so ridiculously daunting.

And who cares if you hum in the office (and you're the only one)? Your coworkers wish they knew Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits or the entire soundtrack to Dreamgirls by heart (they just won't admit it).

And that quizzical look that they keep giving you? Let me help you. It doesn't mean, "Who is that freak? What's with the constant background music? Who does she think she is, Olivia Newton-John?!" " It simply means, " Man, I wish I had a theme song to get me through the day". Oh, yes they do.

You see, you are NOT WEIRD. You're just...sort of goofy.

You march to the beat of your own drum,

you tell yourself that everything is going to be alright when the time calls for it,

and you give yourself a pep talk before any and every speech that you make (no matter how big or small the audience is).

You talk yourself through any difficult task set before you until you find a solution,

and you laugh out loud to your own funniest jokes (you can't help it if you're exceptionally hilarious).

Why? Because talking to yourself is not weird. It's necessary.

If you don't remind yourself or come to appreciate how awesome, wonderful and utterly exceptional you really are, then no one else will. So go ahead, talk to yourself. I dare you ;)

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