7-Year-Old Natalie McGriff Learns to Love Her Hair by Creating Cool Comic 'Moxie Girl'

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For some people, dealing with hair and skin-related insecurities isn't a matter of simply switching up products or investing in an expansive hat collection. Sometimes the issues run far beneath what we see on the surface. Unfortunately, that was the case for 7-year-old Natalie McGriff, a little girl from Florida who struggled to embrace her natural hair texture and the color of her skin.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Natalie's mother Angie Nixon revealed how she initially created a Facebook page as a way to encourage her daughter until another creative resolution practically swooped in to save the day. Together, the mother and daughter duo got to work on The Adventures of Moxie Girl, a comic book about a little girl who doesn't like her hair until she begins using a special shampoo that gives her Afro puffs the equivalent of a serious protein boost, transforming them into a pair of power-packed, detachable, crime fighters.

Proving that a pint-sized package is definitely capable of producing a potent punch, Natalie and Angie took their book to a crowfunding festival in Jacksonville and walked away with over $16,000 to go towards Moxie Girl's publication.
As for future plans, Moxie Girls is set for publication in June. Meanwhile, Angie and Natalie have their sights set on Moxie Girl world domination. "We want to take things all different kids might be insecure about and turn them into their super powers," Angie said. "Everybody is different in their own way and that's what's makes them so cool."

We have to give tons of credit to Natalie and Angie for developing such a creative, positive tool to bolster self-esteem as a way to combat negative self-images! Natalie's not only a great representative for little girls, but for teens and women who continue to struggle with these issues well into adulthood.

We hereby nominate this wonderfully awesome duo for the "Mothers and Daughters Who Totally Rock" award.


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