Bruce Jenner's Children Open Up About Their Father's Transition

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Bruce Jenner's children from his first two marriages appeared on the Diane Sawyer special on Friday night and opened up about how he told them about his transition.

In this footage shown on Good Morning America this morning, they shared some more insight, including daughter Cassandra explaining that he had sometimes disappeared during her life and that now she understands why.

"We have a very complex relationship," she told Diane Sawyer in the previously unseen footage. "He's disappeared out of our lives, especially out of my life. So ... I'm looking forward to this next chapter."

"Us missing, you know, a time of our lives is still probably the hardest thing for us to deal with," son Brandon Jenner explained. "We're trying not to look back. We're just looking forward."

Bruce admits that he missed the 'big, formative years' for them as a result of his struggles and he has apologized for that.

Fortunately, now that he's told them what he was going through during that time and they understand his story - and his journey, all is forgiven and everyone is looking forward to the future together.

Also in the clip are comments from Bruce's first wife, Chrystie Crownover, who spoke with Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Monday and recalled the feeling she had when Bruce shared his secret with her.

"The fact that he did share it with me that first year I felt like it was actually a gift that he gave to me that he trusted me with something so intimate," she explained. "I felt like I was in charge of something that I had to hold private and dear and quiet. It involves a tremendous amount of trust on both parts."

Check out the video above to hear more from Bruce's children, Bruce and Chrystie.

Editor's Note: Per Jenner's stated preference, Cambio will continue to refer to Bruce using male pronouns until he indicates otherwise.

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