Demi Lovato Responds to Tattoo Artist Who Accused Her of Peeing on Toilet Seat

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Demi Lovato had a brief but funny response to an angry rant from a tattoo artist who claims Demi drunkenly peed on her toilet seat. While Demi easily could have let the whole accusation slide, she took to Twitter to send out the perfect emoji filled response.

Bottom line? She's laughing it off.

Tattoo artist Ashley McMullen's beef comes out of Demi's decision to cover up the lips ink that Ashley did. Not only was Ashley unhappy with that, but she decided to call out Demi for her alleged behavior when she had it done – and the fact that she never paid for it.

Ashley took to Instagram to comment on a pic of Demi's new tattoo: "Cool post @ddlovato, thanks for getting the tattoo covered up I did for free that you specifically asked for. Not to mention you didn't even have the courtesy to offer me any money in the first place."

Then she went full-shade, writing: "You pissed all over our toilet seat and you made a fool of yourself. What a shame that people look up to you. The tattoo you covered it with kinda sucks too. Looks like you might forever be a goon." She added loads of hashtags to further sell her point: "#demilovato #scumbag #turd #claimstobesober #drankallthebeer #peepeetoiletseat #yousuck"

In another comment she posted, Ashley wrote, in part, "It's a really nice example to people your setting saying to not do drugs, but honestly you were acting like a full time slob."

Check out Demi's response below, which includes emojis for lips, beer, water drops (i.e. pee), a toilet and a laughing face. She ends it #RIP lip emoji, hand wave.
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