Gina Rodriguez's Take on Body Image Deserves a Round of Applause

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In between bringing the laughs and the quirkiness each week as the star of The CW's Jane the Virgin, actress Gina Rodriguez recently took time out from her role on the popular comedy series for a candid interview with HuffPost Live in which she discussed her personal and professional battles with the entertainment industry's notoriously narrow set of beauty standards. If you're thinking, "Pity party, table for one," then there's obviously been a reservation mix-up. Not only was the 30-year-old actress chock full of confidence-boosting awesomeness, Gina's relatable, down-to-earth attitude will help women everywhere realize that they are certainly not alone when it comes to convincing ourselves that the reflection we see in the mirror is indeed the fairest of them all.

Revealing that her metabolism is impacted by a thyroid disorder and a recent diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the thyroid, Gina revealed that weight struggles are nothing new to her.

"It was very interesting at a very young age to be told that was something I was gonna deal with - weight control," Gina said. "It wasn't going to be easy to be 'tight is right' - as tight as possible."

Thankfully, Gina had a great support system in her father, who she credits with helping her realize that there are many forms of beauty, despite what's largely represented in fashion, on TV and in mainstream media overall.

"I had a father that would - we would look up at billboards and he would say, 'That's one version of beauty. You're another version of beauty. And she's a version of beauty. And that girl? She's another version of beauty.'"

Finally, Gina's take on current Hollywood beauty standards demonstrates that she's learned a thing or two about keeping afloat in an industry where a "thin it to win it" mentality comes before everything else.

"We live in an industry where the desire to be something that you're not sells," Gina said. "But why can't we make the desire to be what you are sell? Why can't we make that profitable?"

Anyone else feel like Gina's nail-on-the-head declaration calls for a standing ovation?

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