How Taylor Swift Helped Teen With Cerebral Palsy Regain Her Memory

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Want to know how powerful Taylor Swift is? Her music seriously helped a young girl with cerebral palsy regain her memory.

Charli Robertson is a Swiftie who didn't even know how deep her love for Tay runs. She was born with the disorder, and began suffering from seizures in the fall of 2012. They ended up being so severe that they erased her memory.

"I didn't know my own mother," Charli told Fox 13 Salt Lake City. "I didn't even know who I was." Charli's mother Sheri said she didn't know if Charli would ever get her memory back, "[Doctors] had kind of given up because they had done everything."

Then one day in April 2013, Sheri played Taylor's song "Mean" and Charli reacted. "I think it was the part, 'You can't take me down,' that brought me back," Charli explained in an interview of how the song helped her to begin to remember. Taylor Swift fan Charli has been on a long road of recovery, and has been trying for more than three years to get Taylor's attention so she can thank her.

"I wanted to say thank you to her for helping bring my memory back," Charli said.

Charli has written songs, posted YouTube videos, and entered contests to get her idol's attention, and finally all of her efforts paid off. WGHP and Salt Lake City local radio personalities helped secure Charli backstage passes to meet Taylor at an upcoming concert this October. How amazing is that?

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