Is Your Smartphone Tracking Your Every Move?

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Is your iPhone or Android tracking your every move? It's quite possible - if you haven't shut off the 'feature.' Yes, right now, your phone could be tracking your location and recording the amount of time you're spending in each place. But who is receiving that data? And how can you shut it off?

In this segment from the TODAY show, Jeff Rossen was shocked to find he had this happening on his own phone and took to the streets to see if anybody else knew about it - most people didn't.

The privacy concern is obvious. If people see the data, they can find out where you live, where you work, how long you visit certain places. "Very creepy...very disturbing," tech security expert Jim Stickley noted, before adding that "almost everybody" has this. For Android users, the activity can actually be viewed online as the phone sends your tracking data to Google. Anyone with access to your Google account can see the data.

The good news is that they show us how we can turn it off. For iPhone: Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services --> System Services --> Frequent Locations --> Clear History --> Toggle Off). For Android and other smartphone users, you can visit to see a video explaining the step-by-step process for your device.
Protect Your iPhone Location Data


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