This Is What 1939 Thought Our Clothes Would Look Like

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This video was made in 1939 and shows what some of the fashion designers of the day predicted our "futuristic fashions" would look like. We can't say they totally nailed it, but we can't say they totally missed the mark either.

For example, the "transparent net" is what we have come to know as mesh and we see mesh not only in our everyday clothing choices (often used to cover a cutout), but it's being used by high fashion designers for red carpet looks, too. One of our favorites was this flawless Elie Saab dress that Halle Berry sported at the 74th Annual Academy Awards in 2002.
The 74th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
They also were pretty accurate with the jumper - and we have to say, the one they showed in the video is actually really nice!

One of the things they might have still been a bit ahead of their time (and ours!) on is the electric belt that adjusts to temperature changes - although if someone is making that and you know where we can get one, definitely let us know because that would actually be amazing!
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