10 Crazy Ways Sia Has Covered Her Face

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We've all heard the jokes about Aussie singer Sia. Our fave: "Now you Sia, now you don't." In all seriousness, girlfriend's done just about everything to shield her face from the public eye save for wearing an actual chandelier on her head. How do we even know it's really her under those platinum blond wigs? Sia claims she's doing it to maintain some privacy and eliminate criticism about her looks. That's all well and good except that we've seen her face on a number of occasions. Why not hide it ALL the time? In any event, she's gone to extreme lengths to obstruct our view of her face. Without further ado, Sia them below.

1. Sia was feelin' this look so much, she rocked it twice at the Venice Film Festival. You know what they say: If you like it, then you should've put a ribbon on it

Jacopo Raule and Vittorio Zunino for Getty Images

2. Platinum blond wig + humongous hat = SPF game strong

Denise Truscello/WireImage

3. That time she dumped Mardi Gras decorations on her head


4. Remember when she turned her back on us...over and over again? :(

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Logo TV

5. Literally doing performance art by singing with a painted face on...

Don Arnold/WireImage

6. At times, risking criticism for damn near wearing blackface. SMH

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

7. She tracked down the loudest dress to distract people from all else

Desiree Navarro/WireImage

8. That time she played with light and shadow -_-

Paul Warner/WireImage

9. This we don't get. What was the point, er, spot?!

Mike Flokis/WireImage

10. When she painted a bunny face underneath her bunny mask. C'mon!

Will Ragozzino/Getty Images


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