Google Is Now Predicting Fashion Trends

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When it comes to finding the latest fashion trends, we have a variety of sources at our fingertips, from magazines on the newsstands, to sites like Bustle and Refinery29, to blogs, to...Google?

That's right. Google just released a Fashion Trends Report that compiles more than 6 billion search terms used to identify which fashion trends Americans searched for the most, using clusters of data from 2012 to 2015. It makes sense that Google would be at the forefront of chic style: The company has all that search data to back it up! According to the report, Google:

"...[is] excited to bring forth the power of Big Data into the hands of the designers, planners, marketers, trendsetters and taste-makers. The goal of this report is to share useful data for planning purposes accompanied by curated pieces of what we believe can make for impactful trends."

It offers popular brand searches and colors while primarily focusing on seasonal favorites. Let's look inside Google's crystal ball.

Jogging pants are going to replace jeans

Associated Press

Tulle skirts (especially DIY) and midi skirts are on a steady rise

Getty Images, Shutterstock

Palazzo pants should also be on your must-have list

Associated Press

Rompers will be a spring staple

Getty Editorial

High-waist bikinis will be mega-popular this summer. Vintage pin-up lovers, rejoice!


While emoji shirts and kale sweatshirts are popular now, they probably won't stick around very long

Amazon, Getty

One-shoulder dresses, peplum dresses and string bikinis are on a steady decline (finally!)

AOL, Associated Press, Getty

Skinny jeans are becoming less popular with each passing season. Sigh.


'90s denim and Zoo Jeans are so #over

AOL, Zoo Jeans
With all the fashion predictions that Google has dropped on us, the real question is: Which came first, the trend or the Google search?


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