Cell Phone Drop Challenge Yields Shocking Results

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We all saw that insane 42-story iPhone drop (from the iPhone's POV!) and while most of us haven't been up 42 floors when we've dropped our phones, we can all pretty much relate to the sheer terror that ensues when your phone slips out of your hand.

During that 1.5 seconds between your hand and the floor, your mind has a million thoughts: Maybe it will be fine? Why didn't I purchase that extended warranty? I wonder how much it costs just to replace the screen? Hopefully you were one of the lucks ones whose phone landed JUST right.

Of course, things like that make us wonder: How did that person's phone survive a 42-story drop and mine broke when it fell less than four feet? Unfortunately, it's all a matter of the phone falling just right - or just wrong as the case may be.

In this clip from NBC News' TODAY, however, Jeff Rossen tries to find the drop threshold for some of the most popular smartphones - and it's surprisingly high - 10 stories high, to be exact.

It is worth noting, though, that NONE of these phones are designed to be dropped from these heights and as so many of us have experienced, while they CAN sometimes miraculously survive, it's not a guarantee that the same phone won't break just falling from your hand onto the sidewalk. Basically, it all boils down to luck. In other words, don't try this at home - or anywhere else for that matter.


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