High School Student Kicked Out of Prom for Backless Dress?

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Michigan high school student Mireya Briceno, 18, got kicked out of her prom for wearing a dress that covered almost every part of her body – except for an opening in the back.

Her mom, Connie Briceno, told Yahoo Parenting that they followed the school's dress code for the event when they purchased the gown, noting, "The guidelines specifically said backless dresses are acceptable."

She further explained: "The rules stated the dress needed to adhere to the 'fingertip' rule - meaning the dress had to hit below your fingertip when standing with her arms by your side."

Mireya's prom dress more than fit that requirement, with the floor-length mermaid style showing off zero leg. Her mom added, "They also said no midriff showing, which to me means stomach. And they said the words 'backless dresses are acceptable.'"

Connie noted, "We looked at the rules, and we picked the dress together. I thought she looked beautiful."

She further explained that Mireya got into the prom and was there for an hour before the vice principal asked her to leave for the dress code violation. Connie said, "But after an hour, the vice principal approached her and asked her to stand up. After she stood up, she was asked to turn around, and when she did the vice principal just said, 'You have to leave, you're in dress code violation.'"

Muskegon High School Principal Brad Perkins declined to comment on this particular case, but did tell Fox 17 that two other girls were also sent home for code violations.

Mireya's mom said her daughter understandably was "really upset," adding, "She missed out on a memorable time with her friends."

Mom Says School Ruined Daughter's Prom Night

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