Take Your Look from Deskside to Poolside with These Simple Tips

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The sun is out, the sky is clear, and the pool is calling your name. You've got a cool dip on the brain, but a seven-hour block of class stands between you and that tropical oasis. Once the final bell rings, it's a mad dash home to switch out your school duds for something more delightful.

Why not skip that last stressful step, and log some extra pool time in the process? Classroom couture and sand-ready style aren't mutually exclusive. Here's how to go from trig to tan in two seconds flat!

Leave heavy baggage behind

Trade in your trusty JanSport for something a little lighter. A drawstring backpack will happily fit your books - without making your shoulder blades sweat under heavy padded straps. Add a punchy pattern, and make sure your beach-ready bag is made from water-resistant fabric like nylon or neoprene. You wouldn't want a wayward splash doing any damage to your homework! We like Baggu's Electric Happy Tote Pack ($26, Baggu).

If you're hoping to stray from straps altogether, an oversized tote gets the job done, too. Pick one with a zipper and multiple compartments to prevent any sunscreen leaks on your textbooks. Try Aldo's zip-up sailor-ready Tanzman Tote ($40, Aldo).

Toe the line between fancy and footloose

Think sandals are the obvious school-to-pool choice? Think again! Closed-toe shoes can take your look to next-level greatness. After all, rubber flip-flops might be at home on the sand, but they'll look unpolished under a desk. Plus, no freezing tootsies when you're tapping your feet impatiently, waiting for that bell to ring. (Hey, we've all been there.)

A canvas slip-on offers a casual cool vibe that seamlessly carries you from overly air-conditioned classroom to balmy beach club. For this classic look, check out the Prism Pink Vans Slip-On ($45, Vans). Elastic accents and non-slip waffle outsoles let the shoe move with you, which you'll appreciate when sprinting from school to shore.

Ballet flats offer the same overlapping outfit possibilities, and you can find a waterproof style in the Glittery Gang Cut-Out Jelly Flats ($10, Go Jane).

Stuck on sandals? At least grab a pair with a little structure. Flimsy flip-flops are no good for lugging books between classes. Strap on a sandal with plenty of supportive style. We'd wear the cushioned insole-sporting Sixty Seven Neva Leather Sandal ($88, Nasty Gal).

Go with the flow

If you're wearing a swimsuit under your clothes, you'll want to opt for loose and free-flowing fabrics on top that won't bunch around your suit's fastenings or show a little too much leg at school.

Palazzo pants are one breezy option taking spring style by storm. The comfy '60s-inspired pant gives you the perfect excuse to don crazy loud patterns, like the Watercolor Abstract Print Pants ($16, Forever 21), which you can balance on top with a solid t-shirt.

A trapeze-shaped day dress will be an easy option too, which you should search for in lightweight, breathable fabrics. We're loving the Glamorous Trapeze Dress with Embroidery ($48, Asos).

Suit yourself

Most girls know a bikini can be just as good as her regular skivvies, as long as she's choosing a suit with the right support. In other words, going to school with your suit underneath isn't the time to bust out the teeny, triangle two-piece.

Try a balconette top, like the super-supportive Embellished Midi Bikini Top ($20, Target), whose straps won't stick out from your clothing or neckline. You want to be comfortable all day, not fearing a clothing malfunction.

Add a slick pair of shades, and don't forget the sunscreen. You'll make the grade with these versatile, spring-ready looks.


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