Iliza Shlesinger's Dating Advice: "Don't Let Anybody Put Their Crap on You"

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Amy Schumer isn't the only female comedian killing it these days.

Meet Iliza Shlesinger, the youngest and only female comedian to win Last Comic Standing. The Texas native tells us how she got where she is today - from the all-female Lipshtick Comedy Show to her hilarious Netflix specials War Paint and Freezing Hot. Plus, she dishes some honest dating advice.

C: You studied film in college. Was being a comedian always the plan?
IS: "I've always been funny. Math wasn't going to work out for me so I decided to be funny for a living. I've never done stand up. I just did improve, sketch and funny things. You can't major in comedy, so I think film seemed like a natural step. Looking back, I don't think I want to be a director, I think I just chose it because it seemed like creatively the right thing to do cause I like writing."

C: Your sets are hilarious! But are all the stories real?
IS: "It's stand up comedy, it's theater. So what do you on stage is a somewhat exaggerated version of yourself. I would say 99 percent of my stories come from a real place, something that I've experienced. Anything that I say about being a girl or interacting with men, these are all things that I've either gone through which is why I find them relatable or I see other girls do. We've all been the girl that's drunk and holding her shoes at 22."

C: Is anything ever off limits? Or is it all fair game?
IS: "It's interesting. Your limits change the older you get. There are certain things that when you're younger you'll joke about that you won't when you're older and vice versa. Whatever comics do is what they do. For me, I have personal limits but there's no need to say what they are cause if I change those I'll be crucified for contradicting myself."
KROQ Presents Kevin & Bean's April FoolishnessC: Your big Lipshtick show in Las Vegas is on May 2nd! Do you ever get nervous before shows? And do you have any pre-show rituals?
IS: "No, I don't get nervous before live shows. I get very excited to share my thoughts! I have two pre-show rituals: I always drink a red bull and if I have water, which I rarely do, I dump out a tiny bit of it right before I go on stage. I think it's because I don't like to bring a lid and I don't want it to spill immediately. I think I did it once and I was like 'Oh no, I better not not do it again.'"

C: The Lipshtick Comedy Show fits right into our #BUILTBYGIRLS movement. What does something like #BUILTBYGIRLS mean to you?
IS: "I'm honored to be a part of this [Lipschtick] with other strong female comics, you don't ever see this. They've been gracious enough to have me back. I think anytime girls take steps to make a positive change in other women's lives, that's wonderful. You're seeing more and more of these [girl power] movements pop up. It's nice to be supported by other women which I think is rare."

C: We can't get enough of your dating stories. Do you have any dating tips or advice for us?
IS: "It's less about dating and more about male and female interaction. It's more like inner girl thoughts. If I had a dating tip, for girls my age (I'm recently 32), it would be don't let anybody put their crap on you, whatever you're doing is fine and give yourself a break."

We think Iliza's advice works for anyone, any age. Though her last piece of advice might just be for the grown-ups: "If you're at a bar with your girlfriends, don't talk to any guy after midnight! If you saw a guy at a bar and he's talking to you after you've been there for a while, it means he's already made the round and he's settling to talk to you."

Solid words of wisdom.

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