Is a 'Lizzie McGuire' Reunion in the Works? Co-Star Teases Possibility

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Earlier this week, a Lizzie McGuire reunion went down at a bowling alley, as a pic of co-stars Hilary Duff, Jake Thomas and Lalaine landed online and got us all excited about the possibility of the show doing some kind of onscreen reunion. As these things go, since no further details about anything being in the works surfaced, we figured they just had a little hangout and that's that.

Now, however, we have a little nugget of hope, via a tease from Jake, who gave the rundown on how the former Disney Channel stars hooked up and...yeah, that maybe something could come of it. Let's just say we're cautiously optimistic about an onscreen reunion.

Jake took to his website to explain all – and it turns out, this wasn't an organized Lizzie McGuire reunion! In a blog post titled "impromptu lizzie mcguire reunion," he explained: "So I was spending some time with my friend, and former Lizzie castmate, Lalaine the other night at the local bowling alley (we hang out pretty often these days) when we realized that Hillary was just a few lanes over from us! It had been well over a decade since we had all been together in one spot, and to be honest, it was pretty surreal..."

He continued: "We managed to chat a little and reconnect. She couldn't get over the fact that I had a beard and I couldn't get over the fact that she has a freakin' kid now! Jeez! We actually grew up!
It was great for us all to see each other again, and perhaps there's something in the works very soon."

And for all those wondering where Gordo was? Jake gave this update to MTV about Adam Lamberg: "I've talked with him a little bit in the past few months. He's doing great. He's living in New York and getting his masters degree, I believe. It's also interesting to note, he doesn't do social media. So all the social media accounts - the Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter - that people think is him, is actually not him."

When asked about his "something in the works" comment, well, he played it a bit coy, saying, "we'll see, but I can't comment on anything right now."

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